About AJnC: 

AJnC Dance is a Seattle based dance theater company that takes its stimuli from literature and historical research. Director/choreographer Amy J Lambert (Johnson) strives to make work that combines strong dance aesthetic with the principles of fine art and live performance. Their goal is to make work that is intriguing and compassionate for both the performer and the audience.

Meet the folks: 

Director/Choreographer: Amy J Lambert

Performers: Danica Bito, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Lorraine Lau, Nikolai Lesnikov, Alexandra Maricich, Mariah Martens, Daniel Mullikin, Nico Tower, Sean Tomerlin, Jan Trumbauer

Video & Photography work: Joseph Lambert/Jazzy Photo

Light Design: Meg Fox

Acting Consultant: Taryn Collis

Real Talk with Amy JInterview with SeattleDances