Incase Anyone Comes Searching (8.5 minutes)

Incase Anyone Comes Searching (2011) is a loose narrative dance-portrait of early 20th century European families. With a sense of strong community these characters grapple with dislocation of home, loneliness, and eventually arrive with a notion that home is where you are together. Spunky and soulful Klezmer music shifts us through highs and lows. The dancers perform themselves in these 'characters from the past', integrating their own stories and imaginations into their performances.

This work was originally created for Cornish College of the Arts' BFA Thesis Project in 2011. Featuring music by Dave Taras Orchestra/The Yiddish Radio Project  and Kroke the movement and images in this work were inspired by photographs of 20th century European families between the two World Wars, French poet Charles Baudelaire's essay The Salon of 1846: On the Heroism of Modern Life, and the character and passion of Klezmer music.

Choreography: Amy Johnson
Music: Dave Taras Orchestra- The Yiddish Radio Project & Kroke
Dancers: Linsyanne Owen, Sarah Butler, William Christopher, Emilie Hagen, Mariah Martens, Samuel Opsal, Baylee Reynolds, Jesse Smith.
Lighting Design: Meg Fox
Photography: Joseph Lambert/JazzyPhoto

Video provided by Cornish College of the Arts

Rehearsal Photos: