MADMAN (10.25 minutes)

Madman is inspired by the 1912 Technical Manifesto of Futurist Sculpture, MADMAN is a physical dance work set to an original score by Seattle artist Matt Holmes. This piece was made within the guidelines of the Manifesto and choreographically shaped by its rules (such as: Reconstruction of planes and volumes in order to determine sculpture and not figurative value. Objects can never be finite, but intersect each other through an infinite combination of powers which attract and repel). The power of space to attract and repel, to transform, and the desire for infinity drives MADMAN.

Choreography: Amy Johnson
Original Music: Matt Holmes
Bridge Project Performers: Christine Abdale, Ciara McCormack, Roxanne Foster, Alexandra Madera.
Spotlight on Seattle Performers: Danica Bito, Roxanne Foster, Lorraine Lou, Mariah Martens
Lighting Design: Meg Fox
Photography: Joseph Lambert/JazzyPhoto & Tim Summers
Videography: Joseph Lambert/JazzyPhoto

MADMAN was made possible through Velocity Dance Center’s Bridge Project Creative Residency Program.

Takes you by the hand and whisks you away
Takes you by the breeches and shoves you forward
A slingshot to the future - to the stars
Hard textures we've been given the power to shape
The muscles to manipulate
We've been given the dream to restart - recreate


The Bridge Project (Velocity Dance Center)- Seattle, WA 2013
Spotlight on Seattle (Seattle International Dance Festival)- Seattle, WA 2013


Rehearsal Photos: