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A Savage Journey,

Part 1: Strange Medicine in the Desert

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The other theatrical work, Amy Johnson and Markeith Wiley’s A Savage Journey, Part 1: Strange Medicine in the Desert, was certainly the most comedic and absurdist of the bunch. Playing two nerdy characters in Hawaiian shirts, the lost pair started off wearing headlamps and singing a song about Debbie Reynolds and ended in an air guitar-off with an inexplicable man who inexplicably wore a bat costume. Johnson and Wiley’s use of non sequiturs was at once delightful and thought provoking. Instead of a neat package of meaning, the duo delivered something to dive into. Hopefully, there will be a Part 2 of Savage Journey, because you’ll want to get lost in the desert with this unpredictable pair.
— Seattle Dances

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Photo by  JazzyPhoto , courtesy of Boost Dance Festival

Photo by JazzyPhoto, courtesy of Boost Dance Festival

And yes, SeattleDances, there WILL be a Part 2. Keep your eyes peeled for A SAVAGE SUMMER (in December, 2016).

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