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A Savage Journey

A Savage Journey triptych by Amy J Lambert and Markeith Wiley, featuring Andy Buffelen.
Inspired by the vivid imagery and esoteric narrative style of Hunter S. Thompson's "Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas" the dance-theater triptych sends the performers and audience down the rabbit hole.
The three performers who inhabit this world fight to embrace the chaos of their reality, try to make sense of what they cannot control, and grapple with the corruption of the American Dream.

Direction/Choreography: Amy J Lambert & Markeith Wiley.

Part 1: Strange Medicine in the Desert (Boost Dance Festival, Seattle 2016)
     SeattleDances Review
Part 2: Savage Summer (Slate Theater, Seattle, 2017)
     City Arts Review
Part 3: Something Savage This Way Comes (presented by Seattle’s NW Film Forum, November 2018)’ll want to get lost in the desert with this unpredictable pair.”
- KAITLIN MCCARTHY with SeattleDances

“Those exhausted from the banality of the everyday found catharsis at the Slate Theater last weekend, losing themselves in the unhinged theatrical dance work Savage Summer. The truly convention-weary may have even found some commonalities with the main characters, who operate entirely outside the realm of “normal.”

— KAITLIN MCCARTHY with City Arts Magazine