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Amy’s approach to teaching combines a genuine, relatable spirit with a technical eye on fundamentals. She is a metaphor wizard and her imaginative descriptions help inspire dancers to transform themselves. In Amy’s class I’m a bull fighter, swan and showgirl all in one night!
— Nalisha (Adult Ballet & Modern Student)


All humans dance. Sometimes we dance as we navigate a busy sidewalk or juggle walking with too many bags. We dance when we move around a kitchen to put dishes away and toss to find the most comfortable spot in bed. Sometimes we dance in a dance studio. When I am working inside a dance studio or with dance students there are three pillars to my focus of teaching.

  • Dance as a means to develop memory, muscle control, motor function, and coordination to improve our ability to move throughout our lives with more ease and efficiency.

  • Dance as a means to express oneself emotionally and reimagine ourselves physically. Developing creativity and imagination through imagery of space, movement, and dynamic.

  • ance as a means to develop the artistry of dance technique. To become capable, fluent, and safe moving within a codified dance form. To push and grow the expectation, strength, and musicality of the body as a solo and ensemble artist.

Ballet Technique with Amy J is centered around timing and rhythm to develop dynamic technique and musicality. Class is approached with a holistic warm up of the body to prepare the dancer for use of rotation and presentation of the body at barre and center floor. Dancers are encouraged to revel in the complexity and demand of ballet technique in a good-natured attitude.

Modern Technique with Amy J offers a technique class that is built to warm up the body, develop and maintain technique, and challenge the dancer’s skill with a blend of quirky, technical, and athletic choreography. Dancers will be challenged in a fun environment to work their brains and bodies.