About AJnC Dance-Theater: 

AJnC Dance-Theater, a project-based dance company, was formed in 2013 in Seattle, Washington by Amy J Lambert. As the ensemble’s director and choreographer, Lambert playfully crafts theatrical and concert dance works that are compelling for both the performer and the audience. For each production, AJnC collaborates with an ensemble of highly trained classical dancers and actors to create and present new dance works for the local and national stage. AJnC Dance-Theater performances use humor and wit to explore themes of rebellion, conformity, and the absurdity of modern life. Often inspired by literature and historical research, productions have delved into genres ranging from Dadaism to Hunter S. Thompson. The levity of AJnC’s work allows it to resonate with audiences of all ages and creates a sense of wonder and delight at the unexpected truths of life.

AJnC Dance newest mission is to develop a supporting infrastructure in order to continue to create and present new dance works locally and nationally. Providing an administrative and financial platform for supporting dancers and artistic staff as they sustain and move forward with more ambitious projects.

In 2015 AJnC Dance-Theater premiered their first evening length production, Believe Me Or Not, at Capitol Hill’s 12th Avenue Arts venue, selling-out their two weekend run. Presenters include Velocity Dance Center, Seattle International Dance Center, Out of Sight, Cornish College of the Arts, Bellevue College, Men In Dance, and Centerstage Theatre. AJnC Dance-Theater receives the generous support of eXit Space Dance’s Artist in Residency Program.

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