CC: The Tramp (10.5 minutes)

CC: The Tramp is a tribute to Charlie Chaplin’s most famous onscreen character: The Tramp. In Chaplin’s words The Tramp is, “A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.” The Tramp honors the pursuit of the American dream, with uncertain yet hopeful ends, while struggling with the negligence and loneliness of a capitalistic system. Through the era of silent films, The Tramp became a universally relatable presence. The character is comedic yet tragic in his day-to-day struggles and mishaps. Chaplin’s character is truly every man's tragedy- while still every man's comedy.

Choreography: Amy Johnson
Music: Charles Chaplin
Performer: Amy Johnson
Lighting Design: Amiya Pennebaker-Brown
Costume Design: Sylvain Boulet
Photography: Joseph Lambert/JazzyPhoto & Tim Summers
Videography: Joseph Lambert/JazzyPhoto



Velocity Dance Center’s Fall Kick-Off- Seattle, WA 2012

Stitch Movement Collective’s Spring Concert Showcase- Seattle, WA 2012

Modern Dance Behind the Pink Door- Seattle, WA 2012