Believe Me Or Not (55 minutes)

AJnC Dance presents Believe Me Or Not, a dance-theater escapade! Full of wonder and whimsy, choreographer Amy Johnson brings together a society of inquisitive, wig wearing, blue collar, tea drinkers. Within this landscape this tribe will quest to find legitimacy, or at least some understanding, in the monotony of routine and expectation. In this show, as in life, it is all real and it is all false.

Director/Choreographer: Amy Johnson
Original Music: Nico Tower with Daniel Mullikin
Performers: Danica Bito, Lorraine Lau, Nikolai Lesnikov, Alexandra Maricich, Mariah Martens, Daniel Mullikin, Nico Tower, Sean Tomerlin, Jan Trumbauer
Text: Nikolai Lesnikov, Jan Trumbauer, Amy Johnson
Video & Photography work: Joseph Lambert/Jazzy Photo
Light Design: Meg Fox
Stage Manager: Rebecca Blackwell
Costume Design: Amy Johnson
Seamstress: Meleta Buckstaff, Renee Cottriel
Acting Consultant: Taryn Collis
Wig Consultant: Reesa Nelson

Believe Me Or Not was made possible in part by eXit SPACE’s Artist in Residency “From Studio to Stage” grant.


February 21st, 2015 @ Centerstage Theatre, Federal Way, WA

February 23rd, 2015 @ Guest performance at Nip Slip at the Highland Bar, Seattle, WA (an excerpt)

March 6-14, 2015 @ 12th Avenue Arts, Seattle, WA



"The neighborhood was abuzz! What a place to get your money's worth! And anybody who was a proper dandy, a man of the world, had no need to decide where to go; he simply savored the delights platonically, from outside, as a spectacle so to speak, as harmonious cacophony, with the superior, contradictory intelligence of one who is above being disappointed in reality." 
- Flametti, Hugo Ball


Rehearsal Photos: