Real Talk with Amy J; Interview with SeattleDances

Preview: The Eternal Glow of Electric Hearts; Interview with SeattleDances

Amy J Lambert (Johnson) has been dancing in her living room, her car, and while walking down the street since 1992 (age 3). You may remember her from her memorable performance as ‘Snow Flurry #6’ in the Vancouver Dance Theater’s production of The Nutcracker.

Since obtaining her BFA in Dance Choreography from Cornish College of the Arts, Amy has been working as a dancer, performer, and choreographer all over the Seattle area. You might have also seen her working as one of the collaborators of The Eternal Glow Project or dressed as Charlie Chaplin. She is the director of AJnC Dance; a Seattle based dance theater company that takes its stimuli from literature and historical research. Director/choreographer Amy Johnson strives to make work that combines strong dance aesthetic with the principles of fine art and live performance. Their goal is to make work that is intriguing and compassionate for both the performer and the audience.

Her process is heavily text based; taking inspiration from literature, historical research, free writes from herself and her dancers, and science text she clearly doesn't understand.  Thinking about dance as plastic sculpture with the capability of rhythm and great human compassion; Amy is able to create dance that speaks outside of the dance community.

She has an unexplainable and perhaps unhealthy love of Charlie Chaplin and Kurt Vonnegut.  Consider yourself warned: Amy J will steal your books. She will cherish them, but she will never return them. She won’t feel bad about this and neither should you.

Amy J performed Merce Cunningham minEvents throughout Seattle during the final year of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company’s existence. She saw a MCDC’s dress rehearsal and two separate performances during the company’s Farewell Tour. It changed her life. Amy J thinks a lot about Merce Cunningham when she is choreographing and rehearsing.

Her choreography has been presented throughout Seattle, WA by Velocity Dance Center, Seattle International Dance Festival, On the Boards (NW New Works, 12 Minutes Max), Centerstage Theatre, the Seattle Center’s Next 50 Project, GreenStage, Cornish College of the Arts, Against the Grain’s Men In Dance Festival, Trigger.New.Dance.Happenings., Modern Dance Behind The Pink Door, Bellevue College, eXit SPACE, and Footlight Dance in Ketchum, Idaho.

Amy J is a company member of Marlo Martin’s BadmarmarDANCE. She has had the pleasure of working with and performing works by Merce Cunningham, Robert Battle/Battleworks, Tonya Lockyer, Daniel Linehan, Amy O’Neal, Markeith Wiley & The New Animals, Maya Soto, Deborah Wolf, Tim Smith-Stewart, Molly Sides, and Dylan Ward, among others. She also sits on the Board of Producers for Against the Grain/Men In Dance and Evoke Productions. 



Written by Taryn Collis & AJ